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We are excited and grateful to see the new parish quarterly newsletter, St. Patrick’s Messenger, from our parish, gathering the gifts and talents of our parishioners with the guidance of the parish pastoral council and finance council. The purpose of St. Patrick’s Messenger is to identify the hidden stories of the lived experiences of faith and stewardship in and through our parishioners and their various ministries at the parish level and beyond. Each time a family and a ministry group from our parish will share their faith experience in this newsletter. These are stories of undaunted faith, courage, hope, and inspiration that stimulate souls and transform lives. For that purpose, our editorial team will approach each family and a ministry group one at a time. Be ready to share with others how your faith in Jesus changed your life. In this great adventure, we would like to thank Dr. Stephen Gruba for his hard work, expertise, and continued dedication to this new initiative. We know you will enjoy the stories and news from these pages and find consolation, hope, vulnerability, and courage to be the Messengers of the gospel and share your own stories for the benefit of many. I am sure these stories will inspire and guide your souls. We will also include the parish pastoral council updates and other news related to our parish. We are sure that you will enjoy it. Thank you for your care and support.

St. Patrick Catholic Church

504 Grove Ave. Corning, IA  50841           

Phone & Fax 641-322-3363

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